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Dyeing 3D printed parts, what is this?

Creating a 3D object is not an easy job. In the engineering world, of course, this is everyday life, but if the object you are creating is not just another gear, but is the part of your product that the user sees and touches, then it is important that this contact creates a positive mood.

People perceive the surrounding world, not only through the form but also to a great extent through the color of the objects. Often, color is responsible for the intuitive liking or rejection of a product. That’s why choosing the right color for your project is important.

We only tried to offer a choice.

The 3D AMS team develops its own technology to color 3D print jobs.

We offer our own 16-color nomenclature, the coloring in one of these colors requires an extra time of 2 working days.

For professional users, we also offer a higher-class service to develop a precisely-tuned color in accordance with common color systems.

Starting with the RAL Classic industrial color system, it contains a total of 213 colors that are one of the most commonly used in industry and lifestyle.

The displayed color samples are illustrative because the colors on the screen depend on the monitor type, contrast and brightness settings. However, you can get an idea of the expected color of your product.

Of course, in professional applications color matching and production of sample test patterns are needed, where effects can also be assessed depending on the applied textures that change the visual perception of color.

Nomenclature of colors RAL Classic:


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