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With ETEC’s family of hard plastics DLP resin, you get the dimensional accuracy, surface quality and speed of the world’s leading DLP printing systems, along with material properties rivaling leading thermoplastic materials (e.g. ABS, PA12, ULTEM, and TPU).  

So whether you’re looking to mass-produce housings or couplings – ETEC has you and your applications covered! 

E-Rigid Form

Polyurethane-like resin with high strength and stiffness

E-RigidForm is a polyurethane-like resin that 3D prints strong, hard, and stiff end-use parts. The E-RigidForm has high tensile strength, delivers good heat deflection, and is water-resistant. ETEC E-RigidForm is a versatile and tough material that is ideal for for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.
Tensile Strength68-73 MPa
Tensile Modulus2950-3250 MPa
Impact Strength (Notched)30 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperatureat 1.181 MPa 62.5°C


Semi-flexible ABS-like material with high impact strength and excellent surface finish

LOCTITE® E-3843 is an ideal material for end use parts production or functional prototyping. An ETEC-validated material from Henkel, E-3843 is a high-performance, high-modulus product which boasts excellent flexural and tensile properties with a relatively high degree of elongation. It offers good impact resistance and thermal stability making it suitable for many demanding engineering applications. E-3843 is available in black or grey.
Tensile Strength60 MPa
Tensile Modulus1890 MPa
Elongation at Break47%
Impact Strength (Notched)53.8 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperature0.455 MPa 56°C


High-strength engineering plastic, good for end-use part and tooling

A high-strength engineering plastic with good impact resistance and excellent surface finish. Ideal for a wide variety of tools on the production floor as well as end-use functional high production parts in a variety of industries. IND 405 is available in black or clear.
Tensile Strength52 MPa
Tensile Modulus1300 MPa
Impact Strength (Notched)30 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperatureat 1.181 MPa 62.5°C

RC Series

Ceramic-filled, high-temperature resins for tough and stiff parts at extremely high resolutions.

ETEC’s RC materials contain ceramic particles allowing for tough and stiff parts with high-temperature resistance. The ability to create parts at very high resolutions makes these materials ideal for applications like custom connectors and high detail mold masters. The wide variety of finishing methods for these materials – including painting and plating – make them popular for animation applications.
Tensile Strength39 MPa
Elongation at Break2.9%
Heat Deflection Temperature0.455 MPa 93°C


High flexural modulus and strength for producing extremely tough parts

E-ToughFlex features very high flexural modulus and strength, as well as hydrophobic properties. With nearly four times more impact resistance than most engineering plastics, ToughFlex is ideal for producing end-use tough parts, and has beautiful surface finish similar to ceramic, with good abrasion resistance.


Tensile Strength67.5 MPa
Tensile Modulus1340 MPa
Elongation at Break16%
Impact Strength (Notched)20 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperatureat 1.181 MPa 58°C

Loctite MED 413

Tough, medical-grade photopolymer capable of meeting biocompatibility standards

LOCTITE® MED413 is a medical-grade, high-modulus photopolymer capable of meeting ISO 10993-5 & -10 standards for biocompatibility that delivers excellent flexural and tensile properties. Stiffness combined with toughness makes this material ideal for use in a wide variety of impact-resistant medical devices.
Tensile Strength40 MPa
Tensile Modulus1600 MPa
Elongation at Break50%
Impact Strength (Notched)59 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperature0.455 MPa 70°C


Stiff, tough, heat-resistant material with properties similar to a glass-filled nylon

E-GFP is a stiff, tough, heat-resistant material that can be printed in high resolution with excellent surface finish for end-use parts. The material is ideal for a variety of applications, including housings, manufacturing fixtures, electrical connectors, alignment jigs and more.
Tensile Strength89 MPa
Tensile Modulus3200 MPa
Elongation at Break6%
Impact Strength (Notched)22 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperatureat 0.455 MPa 120°C


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