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Polyamide 12 white (Nylon)

Polyamide 12 has a good wear resistance and good friction coefficient. Polyamide PA12 is very low in density compared to other engineering plastics – about (1.02 g/cm3). This type of polyamide is very strong polymer that easily withstand high static and dynamic loads.

A distinctive feature of Polyamide 12 is the low level of water absorption, which is usually quite high in all other polyamides, thereby reducing their electrical, mechanical and temperature characteristics.

Polyamide 12 has improved thermal properties compared to Polyamide 6 for example. Only Polyamide 12 can work without any significant change in mechanical properties in a humid environment, including at elevated temperatures.

This type of polyamide – PA12 is easy to machine, glues and welds easily. PA12 as well as all other polymers have high resistance to various chemicals, including the effects of oils, fats, oil and gasoline. The modulus of elasticity of Polyamide 12 is 2-3 times lower compared to other polyamides, which suggests high plasticity.

Polyamide 12 assumes excellent impact loads, high impact strength and crack resistance.

Polyamide 12, white (Nylon)

Material information

PA 2200 – Polyamide white. The white powder PA 2200 on the basis of polyamide 12 serves a wide variety of applications with its very well-balanced property profile.

  • multipurpose material
  • balanced property profile
  • high strength and stiffness
  • good chemical resistance
  • excellent long-term constant behavior
  • high selectivity and detail resolution
  • various finishing possibilities (e.g. metallisation, stove enamelling, vibratory grinding, tub coloring, bonding, powder coating, flocking)
  • bio compatible according to EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121 °C
  • approved for food contact in compliance with the EU Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC (exception: high alcoholic foodstuff)
  • functional parts
  • medical applications, e.g. prostheses
  • fully functional plastic parts of highest quality
  • substitute typical injection moulding plastics
  • realisation of movable part connections

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