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Blasting with Glass Beads

Blasting with Glass Beads – post-processing technology for SLS.

One of the main advantages of SLS technology is the ability to produce parts with extremely complex configuration without the need for additional supports. The principle of building the parts uses the non-reinforced material in the chamber as a support.

Of course, as a result of the completion of the production cycle and the cooling of the working container, it is necessary to remove the parts and clean them from the unused material.

The contents of the work container

This is done in two stages:

First stage

Mechanical cleaning, in which the parts are detached and identified by the total mass in the working container. At this stage, rough cleaning of the parts is done by using soft brushes of different sizes and shapes.

The identified part

The identified part

Part after mechanical cleaning to the left and after blasting to the right

The second stage

Glass bead blasting is an additional operation by which, with the help of specialized blasting machines, the parts are cleaned from residual amounts of unused material, ensuring that the geometry of the parts.

The blasting process

The cost for this processing is specific and depends on the size and geometry of the parts. Generally, it typically varies between 0.50 € * to 2.50 € * for detail, but it can also be fundamentally different for details with specific geometry, such as the following detailed part in our AM Design Rules SLS – 3D AMS.

Blasting with glass beads is a mandatory process if you want to apply other finishing operations on details such as dyeing.

* All prices are without 20% VAT, which is charged when necessary.


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